Range of services

With know-how and long-term experience in the sector of surface processing with laser radiation, IXUN offers individual solutions for processing single and series-produced components. IXUN also produces customized inner and outside cladding optics for industrial use. The most modern laser and handling systems are available to IXUN Lasertechnik GmbH.

Our range of services:

  • • Laser processing of inner and outer contours with:
    • - Laser cladding
    • - Laser alloying and dispersing
    • - Laser heat treatment (hardening, tempering, stress-free annealing)
    • - High-speed laser welding
  • • Processing of single- and series-produced parts
  • • Feasibility studies
  • • Development of customized inner cladding optics
  • • Development of customized powder feed and protective gas nozzles (off-axis, multi-beam and coaxial)
  • • Implementation and process optimization

Advantages of laser processing

  • • Layers from 0.1 mm to several cm
  • Metallurgical bonding of the layers
  • Low heat input and therefore lower disortion
  • Processing of almost all metal alloys
  • Large selection of filler materials
  • High precision of the deposited layers
  • Repair of polished surfaces
  • Processing of 3D contours
  • Cladding of critical positions ( cast channels, sealing edges or cooling channels)


Advantages for you as a customer
  • Saving replacement costs
  • Reduced machine downtimes
  • Increased wear resistence
  • Modification/ repair instead of new production
  • Preservation of unique parts, e.g. vintage car parts
  • Repair of parts that cannot be repaired with conventional techniques