IxunClad®-inner processing optics

IXUN Lasertechnik GmbH develops and manufactures customized IxunClad® inner processing optics and IxunClad® exterior processing optics, as well as powder and shielding gas nozzles for all laser beam sources. IxunClad® inner optics can be individually adapted with regard to the laser beam source, immersion depth and the inner diameter that can be processed

IxunClad®- inner processing optics - Characteristics

• Adapted focus shape - round, linear or rectangular
• Variable outside diameter
• Variable immersion depth (up to 4000mm)
• Variable immersion depth (up to 4000mm)
• Horizontal and vertical processing possible
• With multi-beam, off-axis or coaxial nozzle
• Rotating inner optics
• Suitable for EHLA
• Continuous load-bearing capacity of up to 7 KW laser power

Our strength:

IxunClad®- inner processing optics are suitable for both internal and external processing for laser cladding, hardening, joining, dispersing, welding and alloying. The optics have proven themselves for years in intensive industrial use.

Applications in
Extruder technology, drilling units or pump components, motor cylinder, pistons, components from the oil and gas industry, paint industry, paper, etc.